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Lottery Singapore is one of the most popular forms of lottery in Singapore. It was first introduced on May 23, 1968. The odds of winning the lottery are 1 in 13,987,816. The total prize money is $12 million. A winner’s net prize is $0.86. A lottery board costs $1. The company does not disclose the names of winners, although they do publish the numbers of winners. To date, there has only been one actual winner.

Players can choose their winning numbers from one to 49. The lottery draws are conducted several times a week. The lottery results are announced instantly following each draw. Singapore Pools conducts over 250 draws a year and adheres to strict security guidelines and procedures. The process is regularly audited by an independent public accounting firm.

Players can purchase tickets online at any time. This way, players don’t have to wait in long queues. The online lottery system is open 24 hours a day. It also allows players to buy tickets anytime, day or night. One advantage of purchasing tickets online is the fact that the lottery results are available immediately.

You can check your lottery results online at the Singapore Lottery’s official website. You can also check them at various outlets in Singapore. The results are also available on YouTube.