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Founded in 1968, Lottery Singapore is the only legal and organized lottery game in the country. It offers various prizes and jackpots. A lucky winner can win millions of dollars. The results of the draws are posted on the official website of the lottery every day at 6:30pm. Buying lottery tickets gives you the thrill of winning. However, not all lotteries are created equal. It’s important to choose a good site to play at.

The official Singapore lottery website offers a wide selection of games. Players can select their own numbers or have them generated for them. Ticket prices range from SG$1 to SG$40. These lottery tickets can be bought online, at an authorised retailer, or by phone.

The most popular games played in Singapore are Toto and 4D. The former has a jackpot of up to $10 million, while the latter has bigger jackpots. The jackpot increases with each draw until a winner is found.

For players to win a prize, they need to choose six numbers from a pool of 49. If three or more numbers match the drawn numbers, you will win. The jackpot rolls down if no winner is found in four consecutive draws.

The Tote Board is the governing body for the Toto lottery. It works with partners, such as the Singapore Turf Club, to manage the game. The Tote Board also oversees the lottery operator, Singapore Pools.

The annual report of the Tote Board shows that wagers on lotteries increased 40% over last year. It also revealed that total wagers reached SG$9.2 billion.