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Singapore Pools Lottery

The Singapore pool lottery is one of the most popular ways to win big money in the country. Its jackpot prizes are incredibly large, and the game has a simple gameplay.

There are several lottery games offered by Singapore Pools, including 4D and Toto. Players can buy tickets from physical outlets in the city, or from online lottery agents.

TOTO – The second most popular lottery in the country, TOTO is played with a pool of numbers from 1 to 49. Players select six numbers, and if at least three match the winning numbers, they win a prize.

Its jackpot prize varies based on the amount of money raised during each draw, but the top winner can receive up to $1 million in cash.

In addition to the jackpot, TOTO also offers a number of other prizes for lower prize tiers. These prizes include tickets to local and international sporting events, a vacation package to Thailand or Japan, and a year’s worth of food and drinks.

The Singapore pool lottery also has a number of special draws that occur every Thursday and Monday at 6:30 pm SG time. In these draws, a jackpot rollover is possible if no winner is found in the original draw.

Besides the jackpot, Singapore pool lotteries offer several other exciting and affordable lottery games that can be played at local or online casinos. Moreover, there are no taxes on winners, and it’s easy to claim your prize.